sugarcube v0.11

More REPL goodness

Crittercism is awesome and free, so why the heck aren't you using it!?

The ability to receive crash reports over-the-wire and to gather user feedback is truly invaluable, and that’s exactly what Crittercism offers. If you have a booming business, and want to keep your users happy, you’ll want to spring for the big-boy license and use breadcrumbs.

Also: I use autoresizingMask for the first time in this post! O.O

sugarcube v0.9.3

Has it been 16 days already? Must be time for a minor version bump!

sugarcube v0.8.5

SugarCube is a rubymotion project, and still does cool stuff

Pretty Cool Keyboard-like Half-screen Modal Popup, and fun with SugarCube. And also Bundler+Gemfile.

It’s not hard, and very cool, to have a custom keyboard-like interface. Along the way, we’ll learn how to make a Navigation bar from scratch, and a few simple animations using SugarCube. To install SugarCube, we will use a bundler setup.

sugarcube v0.6

CoreGraphics improvements, UIAlertView, and to_s FTW.

sugarcube v0.4

REPL, how do I love thee.

teacup v0.3

New features and bug fixes in teacup.

sugarcube v0.2.5

New features and changes to sugarcube.

Editable UITableView. Like a Boss.

How to add, edit, reorder, and delete rows in a table view cell using the built in “edit mode” of the UITableView class.

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