Simple enough, right?

If you have an idea for an app there’s a lot you need to do to get it to the App Store and Google Play: a good designer, a unique need, marketing to get it in front of your audience, investment capital…

And a developer. Someone who understands the concept as well as you do, can give realistic expectations regarding feasability, and who can get the job done when endless implementation details get in the way of productivity.

For many organizations a website is enough to promote a company or product — but a website is never a replacement for a well-built, well-branded native application.

My love of good UI/UX means interface design is a top priority. It should be consistent with the iOS/Android experience, but it is not enough to just replicate that experience. It is important to build on it and bring in new ideas informed by smart branding.

A good interface and user experience will not keep a customer’s attention for very long if the app does not integrate with the cloud. I have over five years of experience writing rich internet software applications. That experience informs my decisions when it comes time to build a custom back-end, or to rely on the device’s native SDK, or to use an out-of-the-box data store like

More than anything else: I want my clients to feel like they are working with someone who has their back, who understands that design matters, and who can deliver a quality product.

I’m Colin T.A. Gray. Contact me today, and let’s get started.

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Scorerrest splash screen


Inspired by playing the card game Klabberjass, Scorerrest is an iPhone app that you can use to keep track of score while playing board, card, or dice games.

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