My bad, yo!

I’m very embarrased that it’s been over a year since I posted anything! It’s way too easy to get out of the habit of blogging often.

I don’t want to dwell on that, though, let’s look at the year in review.

RubyMotion #inspect 2013

…was so much fun, and it was great to put lots of faces to name. I gave a talk about Teacup, and announced a new project, Kiln-renamed-to-Motion-Xray (that unfortunately never gained much momentum).

Belgium is a great city, the talks were awesome, and you can read a lot more about it on the official RubyMotion blog.

SugarCube went 1.0

In July I released the 1.0 version of SugarCube, which introduced a package system so that developers can pick and choose what parts of SugarCube they want to take advantage of.

Teacup went 2.0

The 2.0 version was announced in May, which coincided with OS X support. I consider Teacup more-or-less feature complete, in FACT…

Teacup needs a replacement

I consider Teacup TOO feature complete! It’s become an overly complex project, and I think that deters community involvement with the project. I’m happy that Teacup enjoys a fair amount of popularity, but I’m working with Jamon Holmgren to develop a new DSL to build and style view hierarchies. No formal announcement yet on that!

Working for Jukely

I’ve been working on the Jukely app since June, and it’s really cooking these days. We’ve got a great team, and I think the design of the app is spot on. Very engaging, very usable, I just love it. Glad to be a part of it!

New project: MotionWiretap

I love the ideas behind ReactiveCocoa, but I think the API is distinctly “cocoa-like”. It saves you from writing boilerplate, but it asks for a certain style of code that I don’t find very literate. So rather than wrap it, I started a new project that is inspired by RAC, while remaining distinct. Check out motion-wiretap on rubygems or github.