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Scorerrest™ iOS app
Started: 28 May 2012

Inspired by playing the card game Klabberjass, Scorerrest is an iPhone app that you can use to keep track of score while playing board, card, or dice games.

Typewriter rubymotion project
Started: 09 Jun 2012
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Sometimes you just need a place to put your views, and you want it to draw them for you, instead of doing it your self. Thanks, Typewriter!

sugarcube rubymotion project
Started: 17 May 2012
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I cannot remember UIConstantNames, or don’t want to. This keeps ‘em short, sweet, and memorable.

StrangeCase python project
Started: 16 Jan 2012
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Another static site generator. This one uses a tree representation of your site to keep the implementation simple, while offering a surprising amount of power.

MoveText sublime plugin
Started: 21 Dec 2011
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Select text and drag it around, or setup a text “tunnel” to move code from one location to another.

TransposeCharacter sublime plugin
Started: 21 Dec 2011
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The built-in transpose command works on words instead of characters. No bueño! This one brings back plain ol’ ctrl+t transpose character behavior, like your terminal does. But it can do some interesting things, too, if you select some text.

Bracketeer sublime plugin
Started: 22 Dec 2011
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Better bracket control, in my opinion. Inserting brackets, selecting content inside brackets, and indenting (you can configure characters that don’t get indented when they are at the start of the line)

QuickFind sublime plugin
Started: 01 Jan 2012
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Instead of using find, this moves your cursor to some text you’re looking for, and thereby preserves your “find” content that way, which can be way useful. Plus, you can quickfind multiple selections, which makes multi-cursor editing THAT much more powerful.

FileDiffs sublime plugin
Started: 03 Jan 2012
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Super useful. Compare the current file or selection with the saved version, the clipboard, another tab, another file, or compare two selections.

SimpleMovements sublime plugin
Started: 03 Jan 2012
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Misc stuff. Inserting newlines, go to beginning of line (I don’t like the default), and a very cool align_cursor command, which align ‘=’s, but only uses cursor positions, and so can be used for much more.

StringEncode sublime plugin
Started: 03 Jan 2012
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Entitize, deentitize, urlencode, urldecode.

MarkAndMove sublime plugin
Started: 04 Jan 2012
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Short description: manage multiple selections or cursor positions using only the keyboard. ctrl+m will make a mark. ctrl+m in another position will select the previous and add the new position. ctrl+shift+m will add without selecting. alt+m will select / jump to the next mark. ctrl+alt+m to remove all marks. Trust me, very useful, especially in conjunction with the TransposeCharacter command.

ClipboardManager sublime plugin
Started: 10 Jan 2012
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A version of the Sublime Text 2 plugin at that makes for TextMate-like clipboard history. This adds to the gist that came out of that conversation by displaying the “current” clipboard in the status bar.

ChangeQuotes sublime plugin
Started: 14 Jan 2012
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Converts single to double or double to single quotes.

Calculate sublime plugin
Started: 19 Jan 2012
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Select a formula and evaluate it using python.

htmlkup node.js project
Started: 18 Sep 2011
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htmlkup < file.html >

ScreencastDirector sublime plugin
Started: 30 Mar 2012
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In order to make these SublimeText screencasts, I thought it would be neat to build a plugin that helps me demonstrate them. ScreencastDirector is the result.

zenburn design project
Started: 20 Jul 2011
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Code never looked so good as it does using the zenburn color scheme. You can, and should, use it everywhere! Here are color schemes for TextMate and Sublime Text 2, and a Sass file that compiles into a pygments-friendly CSS file. And it powers this site, so be sure that I’ll be keeping it up-to-date!

rabblescay node.js project
Started: 16 Sep 2011
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Uses regex to find words, and parses that regex to filter out words that you don’t have the letters for

I have a number of open bugs on SublimeText's userecho forum. Most of these are related to using these plugins. If you like my work on ST2, please up-vote these bugs reports if you agree they are bugs. It isn't a popularity contest, I'm just hoping to get them resolved, and it's a voting system, so I need your votes. I hope this is not shameless self-promotion, that is most definitely not my intention.

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