Aw hell, it's a Table Cell!

Build a UITableViewCell. Easy. Do it again using teacup? Challenge accepted.

A good ol' fashioned UINavigationController

It’s hard to keep up with a blog! But here goes, a little bit about the big, bad, ugly UINavigationController class.

UIToolbar, teacup, and me

Teacup is the rubymotion community’s attempt at agreeing on how we should create iOS applications, specifically views. I think that a multiview UIToolbar based application is a good use case for studying how this thing might look and work.

Poking around with this and that on rubymotion

Add an icon, rotate some things, you know, this and that.

Okay, now an image.

I am going to make a button that is shaded when you press it. Holy crap, that is soooooooooo amazing.

Migrating from fancybox 1.3.4 to 2.0

Not quite as painless as I would have hoped, but not as painful as it could have been!

Did I make a UIImageView? Nope! I made a UITableView.

I was going to play with UIImageView, but decided to work with one of the old work horses of iOS - the UITableView

Repeating what you learn is the only way to learn!

I’d like to start programming for iOS using RubyMotion, but first, I need to actually start learning this stuff.

Use the Colemak Keyboard Layout

A little backstory about why and how I switched to Colemak, and a short HOWTO use the Colemak layout in conjunction with the Kotoeri (Japanese) input manager.

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