My Xcode Argument

I have good reasons for not liking Xcode. Here they are!


The RubyMotion layout and styling gem.

Big catch-up time!

Goings-on since Feb' 2013

SugarCube v0.18

The newest features in SugarCube

Teacup handlers, the amazing little tool you might not know you weren't using

Learning to use and write handlers will take your teacup-based development to a whole new level. Or save yourself some time and use sweettea. Either way: you’ll be a bad-ass!

Yes, darn it all, I want decorators in Ruby!

What do we want? DECORATORS! When do we want them?!

SugarCube v0.13

Just more of the same, really, but enough to merit a version bump.

sugarcube v0.12

CoreGraphics is disappearing! That’s OK, tests are taking its place!

Adding a little bit of internationalization/i18n to your RubyMotion app

I’m just going over the first couple steps: strings and images. But if you use iOS6 autolayout, you’ll get a lot of work done for free.

A glimpse of teacup's constraints system

iOS6’s autolayout system is remarkable in its ability to simplify view layouts, and teacup supports it fully!

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