Started: 28 May 2012

So it’s a game?


Then why would I use it

Scorerrest is an accompaniment to playing games in real life. It has a bunch of apps included, each one tailored for one genre of app or another.


  • scorerrest-tally1.png

    Scorerrest Tally1 Png

Whether you’re playing Golf, Farkle, or Triominoes, Tally is there to help you keep score. You won’t need a pencil and, more importantly, you won’t need to do basic, 4th grade arithmetic. Isn’t that why we HAVE a smart phone? So we don’t have to be!?


  • scorerrest-tally2.png

    Scorerrest Tally2 Png

All the scoring games start off with some setup. What players, what rules, that kind of thing. This is really easy when the game rules are well-established (like Klabberjass), but the generic game scorers can have a few more steps. Take the “Timer” app:

  • scorerrest-timer1.png

    Scorerrest Timer1 Png


Games are saved whenever you leave Scorerrest, and you can switch between games easily from the “In Progress” tab. This way you can combine, say, a Tally game with a Timer. Like if you’re playing catch phrase!

Most of the views in Scorerrest are custom designed by Justin Stollsteimer. The usual iconic-iOS controls are there (table views, inputs, scroll views).

Scorerrest is a trademark of colinta, LLC. Copyright 2012.