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Started: 16 Sep 2011

After playing words with friends for a few days, I couldn’t help but build a scrabble word finder. Forgive me, I am weak ;-)

This library relies on regular expressions, but with the added bonus that if you provide a list of letters, it will only use each letter once. It does this by analyzing the regular expression, so it’s not a 100% accurate solution, but I think you’ll be surprised by it. The test coverage is decent.


bash npm install -g rabblescay



rabblescay ”.{1,2}oat.?“ bfsl bloat bloats boat boats float floats ”`

Even supports blank tiles. Use ‘*’ as a letter (comments added to output):


rabblescay ”.{1,2}oat.?“ bfs* bloat bloats boat boats coat # * => c coats # * => c doat # * => d doats # * => d float floats goat # * => g goats # * => g moat # * => m moats # * => m shoat # * => h stoat # * => t ”`

See for an example of using it over-the-web. It tracks history, which is a way for my friends to make sure I didn’t use it to find a word.