We found this place within days of starting our house search, so we worried that we jumped into the bidding process too quickly, but we did look at a lot of other houses, and none of them even came close. Actually, there was a nice moment when I called Papa and Darcy to tell them we had put a bid in, and Papa actually mentioned this house among the photos we sent them of some of the properties we looked at!

I’m still pretty sure that we lucked out on this house, though we had a recent run in with a failing basement toilet. And the furnace needs to be replaced sometime in the next couple years. But hey, houses are the gift that keep on taking, right?

We were supposed to doll the house up a little before taking the most recent photos (towards the bottom), but after a huge meal at an Indian buffet, we pretty much vegged out all day and didn’t get to it. Too bad!

Also thrown in here are some pictures of the “big blizzard” that hit Denver. It is already racing to melt away, which is pretty much par for the course in Denver. Today was a beautiful sunny day, and warm enough to go out with just a light jacket.


02 Feb 2012
  • IMG_0135.JPG

    Moving in

  • IMG_0136.JPG

    and unpacking boxes

  • IMG_0137.JPG

    Das House!

    This is just after we moved in, Denver got a few inches of snow. And so, of course, Mom called to make sure we hadn’t died.

  • IMG_0147.jpg

    Our first Xmas tree!

  • IMG_0148.jpg
  • IMG_0149.jpg
  • IMG_0150.jpg

    It is hard to get a good photo of just how intense these vines are. They extended out from the house by four feet in some places, and some of the vines were thick enough that I had to cut them with a saw.

  • img_0165.jpg

    Merry Christmas!

    This was just before getting in the car to go to the airport.

  • img_0222.jpg
  • img_0252.jpg

    Lucifer finally loves the scratching post I made for him now that I’ve rubbed it down with catnip.

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  • IMG_0272.JPG
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  • IMG_0278.JPG

    This photo was easy:

    1. Throw dog in snow
    2. Take picture of dog
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    All the rest of the pictures were taken specifically for this blog, kind of a “status update” for decorations and such.

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